Sagar police caught gambling in the hotel: They were claiming defeat and victory by taking a rented room, the police caught them and kept hiding their faces

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  • They Were Claiming Defeat And Victory By Taking A Rented Room, The Police Kept On Hiding Their Face When Caught

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Gamblers sitting in Kotwali police station.

Sagar’s Kotwali police station has caught gambling on Saturday night from a room of Smart Bar Hotel located in the heart of the city. During the action, the police arrested 7 gamblers who were betting on cards to win or lose. 52 playing cards and Rs 67 thousand 500 cash have been recovered from their possession. All the gamblers were caught and brought to the police station.

Kotwali police station in-charge Manas Dwivedi said that information about gambling in Smart Bar Hotel was received from the informer. As soon as the news was received, he reached the spot along with the team and raided the hotel. Where 7 gamblers from a room were caught red-handed claiming defeat and victory. 67 thousand in cash and playing cards were confiscated from their possession. The gamblers were gambling in the hotel by taking a rented room.

This gambler was arrested

In the case, police arrested gambler Manish Yadav aged 29 years near Shanichari Nandkishore Hotel, Sahil Khan aged 20 years resident of Ghansu Munshi near Masjid, Friday Tauri, Mohd. Imran age 35 years resident Sadar 9 Muhal, Nirmal Jain age 42 years resident Abhinav Vatika Shastri ward Pagara Road, Safiq Shah age 41 years resident Rajiv Nagar ward, Harisingh alias Bunty Patel age 38 years resident of Pantnagar ward and Madhusudan Guru age 52 years resident Parkota Ward is arrested. The gamblers were caught and brought to the Kotwali police station. Where the gamblers kept hiding their faces. The police have registered a case against all the seven gamblers under the Gambling Act.

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