‘Russia’s generations will suffer…’ Watch Irfan’s cartoon on the murder of the daughter of Putin’s close aide

Irfan Ka Cartoon: Daria Dugin, daughter of Alexander Dugin, who is said to be the right hand of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was killed in a car bomb threat. However, according to media reports, the target of the killers was Alexander Dugin. At the same time, Ukraine is being accused of murder after this whole matter came to the fore.

That’s because, Andrey, the head of the presidential administration in Ukraine, said in a statement that, our job is to ensure that not only the current generation of Russians, but their children and grandchildren will also pay for it. At the same time, 8 hours after Andrey’s statement, Alexander Dugin’s daughter Daria Dugin was killed in a car bombing. At the same time, today famous cartoonist Irfan has made a cartoon on this matter.

Let’s see what today’s cartoon of Irrfan says…

In Irfan’s cartoon, a car is seen which is in the grip of fire due to a bomb blast. At the same time, a person is standing near this car, who is shown as the President of Ukraine Zelensky. In this cartoon Zelensky speaks of Andrey’s statement. Irfan wrote next to Zelensky’s cartoon, ‘The Russian generation will suffer.’

Zelensky made this appeal to the citizens …

Let us tell you, after this incident in Moscow, President of Ukraine Zelensky asked the public to be cautious for the next few weeks. He said that there is every possibility that after this incident, Russia can intensify its attacks.

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