Rohit Verma raised the curtain from Nisha Rawal’s mistakes! Said – it is not wrong to develop emotion but ..

Rohit Verma On Nisha Rawal-Karan Mehra: X star couple Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra have been in the news ever since Nisha filed a complaint against Karan on May 31, 2021, accusing him of assault and the ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ actor was given a complaint. Had to be in lock up for the day. Nisha Rawal had made serious allegations against Karan by holding a press conference right after this and this matter became a matter of discussion. During this, actor and celebrity fashion designer Rohit Verma stood shoulder to shoulder with Nisha Rawal.

Rohit Verma is the best friend of Nisha and Karan, but when he came to know that Karan had assaulted Nisha, he supported the actress. However, now the conversation between Rohit and Nisha is closed. While Karan has filed a defamation case against Rohit, Nisha Rawal is angry with Rohit. In a latest interview, Rohit has made many revelations about Nisha Rawal.

The dispute started between Karan and Nisha in 2014

Rohit Verma has revealed in an interview with Siddharth Kannan that, when the dispute started between Karan and Nisha. He said, “Me, Nisha and Karan are like a very family. Journey was going on but in 2014 there were problems in her marriage and I saved her marriage and made Karan understand where he was wrong, but Nisha is the kind of person who is hungry for love.

Rohit Verma’s disclosure on Nisha Rawal’s ex-boyfriends

Rohit Verma told that, Nisha Rawal also wanted to be pampered by her ex-boyfriends, which she also got. The actor said, “She comes from a broken family and never got her father’s love. His mother has brought him up with a lot of patience. All the ex-boyfriends of Nisha loved her very much. I have seen his journey. What an intelligent girl she is and Saraswati is in her tongue. She can convince anyone. This is his plus point. This is their USP.”

Rohit Verma spoke on Nisha Rawal’s mistakes

Rohit Verma told that, when he realized Nisha’s mistake, he also expressed this fact. The actor said, “She is not such a bad person, but when you stand by your friend and your friend goes on the wrong path then you have to tell him. I am like Krishna and if I find anything wrong even 1%, then I will tell.” Since then the conversation between them has been closed. Rohit also revealed that, it was he who gave Nisha the first break in the entertainment industry. .

Rohit Verma is against Nisha because of this

Karan Mehra had alleged the relationship between Nisha Rawal and Rohit Sethia. Meanwhile, everyone who was with Nisha, now he has separated from her. Rohit Verma is also one of them. When Rohit was asked, what is his reason behind going against Nisha? Then he said, “Everything is very open. I am a very modern person. I am not against developing feelings for anyone, but one should not forget one’s limits.”

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