Rohit Verma opened his mouth on Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra’s relationship, made many serious revelations


Nisha Rawal-Karan Mehra: TV stars Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra are in the news these days about their divorce and domestic violence. Both have been making serious allegations against each other for a long time. In this dispute between Nisha and Karan, the name of fashion design Rohit Verma is also coming in the middle. Recently there were reports that Nisha Rawal is in a relationship with Rohit Satia. After all these rumours, now finally Rohit Verma has opened his mouth and has made many revelations against the couple.

Rohit said, I have saved their relationship before

Rohit Verma said that he saved Karan and Nisha’s relationship eight years ago in 2014. A few days ago, Karan Mehra talked about Nisha Rawal in a press conference. He had revealed that Nisha is having an affair with actor Rohit Satia. Talking to YouTuber Siddharth Kanan, Rohit Verma said, ‘In 2014, there were problems in their marriage. I had saved his marriage and told Karan where he was making a mistake, but Nisha is such a person who is hungry for love. She comes from a broken family. He never got the love of his father. His mother raised him with difficulty.

Rohit tied the bridge of praise for Nisha

Rohit further said, ‘All Nisha’s ex-boyfriends used to shower a lot of love on her. I have seen his journey. She is a sensible girl and has Saraswati on her tongue. She can convince anyone. That is their specialty. He is not such a bad person. But if you your friend is standing together and your friend is going on the wrong path, then you have to tell him.

Social media users furious at Rohit

This interview of Rohit Verma is going viral on social media. Users have fiercely classed Rohit Verma as a fake. One user wrote, ‘I want Karan’s case to go live on TV. Just like Johnny and Amber did. Another user wrote, ‘Well done Karan filed a defamation case against him. That’s what it’s worth. Another person commented, ‘What a fake man.’

Kashmera Shah is the witness of Karan and Nisha’s divorce

Let us tell you, Karan Mehra had filed a defamation case against Nisha’s friends Rohit Verma, Munisha Khatwani and Rohit Satiya. He says that these people together have tried to defame him. Recently, actress Kashmira Shah has become a witness in the divorce case of Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal. He said, Karan Mehra is innocent. Karishma has tried to save Karan by making many serious allegations against Nisha Rawal.


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