Rishi Sunak lags behind, Liz Truss ahead in race for PM post in UK

UK Politics: In a new survey in Britain on Thursday, Foreign Minister Liz Truss is ahead of former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak by 32 points in the race for the post of Prime Minister of the Conservative Party, but the outgoing Prime Minister in the survey Boris Johnson also remains the choice of members of the Conservative Party.

A UGOV survey for ‘Sky News’ states that 66 percent of the members are talking of voting in favor of the truss and 34 percent want to see the British Indian Sunak become the prime minister.

Boris should not have been pressurized to resign
The survey also revealed that a large number of Tory members are also in favor of Johnson, and 55 percent say that Tory lawmakers did wrong by forcing Johnson to resign. At the same time, 40 percent say that the MPs have not done any mistake by doing so. Sky News said in an election analysis that the poll clearly showed Tory members still have an affinity for the outgoing prime minister.

Truss is running ahead of Rishi Sunak
Britain’s Foreign Minister Liz Truss has a strong lead over former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak in the race for Conservative Party leader and British Prime Minister. This was revealed in a new poll on Wednesday among Conservative Party voters.

The survey of the Conservative Home website took the opinion of 961 party members who have or will submit their postal ballots or online ballots in the election of the leader. In this survey, it was revealed that 60 percent support for Truss and 28 percent support for Sunak.

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