Rajiv Gandhi’s birth anniversary celebrated in Hapur: Congress workers garlanded the statue, considered the father of information revolution in India

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Congress workers gathered at Tagore Public School on Swarg Ashram Road in Hapur on Saturday. Where the workers celebrated the 78th birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna Late Rajiv Gandhi, the architect of modern India. During this, Congress people paid their tributes by garlanding the statue of late Rajiv Gandhi ji.

Women were given 33% reservation

City President Abhishek Goyal remembered former Prime Minister Late Rajiv Gandhi and said that Rajiv Gandhi ji is considered the father of “Information Revolution” in India. The credit of computerization and telecommunication revolution in the country goes to former Prime Minister Late Rajiv Gandhi. He said that Rajiv Gandhi had done the work of getting 33% reservation for women in local self-government institutions. He had also given the right to vote in the elections to the youth of 18 years by reducing the age of the voter from 21 years.

Politics started from 1981

Senior Congressman Arvind Sharma said that Rajiv Gandhi entered politics in 1981. He won the Lok Sabha elections from Amethi and became the Prime Minister of India after the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by bodyguards on 31 October 1984 and remained the Prime Minister with the highest majority in the next general elections. On the other hand, former General Secretary Ashok Sharma said that Congress has always worked for the development of the people. He said that the policies of Rajiv Gandhi give pace of development to the common man till date.

During this, former State General Secretary Vijay Kumar Goel, State General Secretary Badruddin Qureshi, Block President Zakaria Manasbi, Raghuveer Singh Advocate, State Secretary Sewa Dal Ankit Sharma, Siddharth Swamy, Gaurav Garg, Bharatlal Sharma, Vicky Sharma, Hasan Atif, Anoop Kumar Kardam, Rizwan Qureshi , Madan Sharma, Kusumlata, Subodh Shastri, Abdul Samad, Ehtesham Qureshi etc. were present.

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