Rain stopped in Ashoknagar for 2 days: Humidity started increasing due to rise in day’s mercury, mercury reached 30 degrees

AshoknagarOne hour ago

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After the heavy rain in Ashok Nagar in the past days, now the rain has stopped for the last two days. Due to which there is a situation like sun shade from morning till evening. Due to which the day and night temperature has also started increasing, in 2 days the day temperature has increased by 3 degree Celsius. The mercury has increased from 27 ° C to 30 ° C, while the night temperature has also increased by 2 ° C to 25 ° C.

So far 717 mm of rainfall has been recorded in Ashoknagar district. The rain quota will be completed in a few days, the general quota of rain in the district is 882 mm. At the same time, people were getting relief from the heat after a drop in the mercury for the last one week. But the scorching heat has started rising again. In Ashoknagar, since Thursday morning, the situation like shade and sometimes strong sunlight has been troubling for the people.

It rained so far:

  • 839 mm in Ashok Nagar
  • 631 mm in Chanderi
  • 653 mm in Isagarh
  • 745 mm in Mungawali

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