Rahul Dholakia lists down 5 points in advice to film fraternity on how to make better films: ‘Stop being arrogant’

Filmmaker Rahul Dholakia shared an advice for his fellow film directors in a new tweet. Listing down five points to make better films, Rahul said that these things need to be done to make better films. Many Twitter users reacted to Rahul’s tweet and added more points on how to make a better film. Also Read: When Shah Rukh Khan ‘didn’t want to be a star’, got scared of Amitabh Bachchan’s advice: ‘You’ll always be in the wrong’

Rahul tweeted, “My 2 cents on what needs to be done by our fraternity: 1. Make better films. 2. Reduce COP 3. Reduce ticket prices drastically 4. Not release films on OTT for 3 month 5. Stop being Arrogant. Be inclusive. Maybe this will help?”

Rahul Dholakia’s message for the film fraternity.

Replying to his tweet, one person wrote, “6. No remakes 7. Spend more money on production. Actors can get into profit sharing maybe 8. Find better writers 9. Fire the entire team who makes trailers for Bollywood. Bollywood trailers suck 10. Make auditions compulsory so that we don’t get to see doll expressions.” Another one wrote, “1) Stop demeaning, mocking Hindus, their culture, traditions. 2) Don’t be lazy, cut down late night boozing parties while filming. 3) Work hard, hard.. Rajamouli works 16 hrs a day non stop for years, so the output. 4) Respect technicians not Heroes. Technicians make films.”

One person gave short reviews of some of the recently released films and wrote, “Laal Singh Chaddha was a good film. But Aamir Khan was not suited for the role due to his age. Special effects only worked against. Raksha Bandhan was absurd. Look at movie Darling. How good it is doing. Any good movie will work. Boycotts may have temporary effect only.”

Rahul Dholakia made his directing debut in 2002 with Kehtaa Hai Dil Baar Baar. He later made films such as, Parzania, Mumbai Cutting and Lamhaa. His last film Raees was released in 2017 and starred actor Shah Rukh Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Mahira Khan.

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