Putin’s spiritual master’s daughter murdered in a bomb blast, many under suspicion

Russia Aleksandr Dugin Daughter Killed: The enemies of Russian President Vladimir Putin attacked Alexander Dugin, who is known as his spiritual mentor. Although, Alexander survived the attack, but his daughter Daria Dugin became the victim of the attack. The information about the people behind this attack is not yet available. Since this incident, the security of President Putin has been increased.

At the same time, Putin’s close friends have also been alerted. Experts are saying that Putin’s political rebel is behind this attack, who want to remove him from power. At the same time, some people believe that behind this attack may be a conspiracy of an enemy country. However, Russian security agencies have started investigating this attack. Security agencies are probing the matter diligently as the case is related to the murder of the daughter of the spiritual leader of President Putin.

Alexander was going to attend a function with his daughter

It is being told that Putin’s spiritual guru Alexander Dugin had gone to attend a ceremony with his daughter. The attackers planted explosives under his car to kill Alexander, but he changed his car at the last minute. After which, as soon as his daughter started the car, there was a loud explosion in which she lost her life. This attack shook the entire Russian security system. Various claims are being made in the Russian media about this attack.

many people under suspicion

Many Russian security experts believe that Ukraine may be behind this attack. At the same time, some experts are also pointing out that this incident has been carried out by the internal security agency itself. After this attack, there is an atmosphere of panic among those close to Putin. However, Russian police claim that they will soon find the perpetrators behind this attack.

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