Printout In 11 Minutes: Zomato’s company Blinkit will now deliver printouts at home in 11 minutes

Zomato Blinkit To Deliver Printouts: If you need a printout of a document and do not have a printer at your home, then you do not need to worry. Zomato’s online grocery company Blinkit will now deliver printouts to you at your doorstep in just 11 minutes. This announcement of the company will be of great benefit to the parents, who keep circling the cyber cafe to get the printout for the child or take out the printout from their office. Along with this, working professionals are also going to benefit a lot from this.

According to Blinkit, this facility is being made available to the customers at very attractive rates. All you need to do is upload your file. And you will get the printout in 11 minutes. After delivery, the company will delete the file. Let us tell you that recently Zomato has acquired Blinkit, a grocery delivery company for Rs 4,447 crore in 10 minutes.

After the acquisition by Zomato, the losses of Blinkit have been declining steadily. According to the company, the company was losing $ 26 million in January 2022, which has come down to $ 12 million in July 2022. In just 6 months, Blinkit’s business has grown to 20 per cent of Zomato’s food delivery business, while it is only present in less than 15 cities. Blinkit has closed such stores in recent days, which was causing loss to the company.

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