Police set up Jan Chaupal in Dumariaganj: made people aware, information given about help line number

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In-charge Inspector Dumariaganj Sanjay set up a chaupal in Hallaur in view of peace and the upcoming festival. In which village heads, soldiers, police personnel, accountants, teachers, Asha, ANM and other local people were present. Who were asked to establish mutual co-ordination between the police and the public. Along with this, information was given about Police Assistance 112, Women Help Line 108, Women Power Help Line 1090, Child Help Line 1098 and alerted about cyber crime.

In-charge Inspector Sanjay Mishra warned about the prevalent methods of cyber fraud and informed about cyber vigilance. In respect of land related matters, it was told to resolve the matter with mutual consent or to take the matter in the police station resolution day and entire resolution day. The SHO said that the police and the public should be in harmony with each other to control the crime and inform the police as soon as they see suspicious and anti-social elements.

In Dumariaganj, the police made people aware by putting up a public chaupal.

In Dumariaganj, the police made people aware by putting up a public chaupal.

these people were there
During this, village head Takib Rizvi, BJP leader Qasim Rizvi, Taskeen Haider, Kazim Raza, Khushboo Rizvi, Asghar Jameel, Salman, Intezaar ACC, Saif, Razzan, Zippu, Athar, Nafees Syed, Helal, Jalal, Rashid Takib, Aqeel etc. be present.

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