PM’s security lapse case in Punjab: Surex Kashyap said – Security lapse was not natural, but a well-planned conspiracy

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BJP state president Suresh Kashyap.

The BJP has become more aggressive against the Congress after the Supreme Court’s decision on the security lapse case during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Ferozepur. BJP state president Suresh Kashyap took a dig at the then Congress government of Punjab on the basis of the report of the committee constituted by the Supreme Court. Said that the lapse in the security of the Prime Minister was not natural, but part of a well-planned conspiracy.

He wanted to know what was the reason behind it? Whose conspiracy was this? Why were important people missing from the scene? Who informed the protesters about the Prime Minister’s route? If it was a safe and sanitized route, how did the agitators reach there? To whom was the SSP talking repeatedly on the phone? From whom were you taking instructions?

The then Congress Chief Minister of Punjab made an excuse that he had Kovid, but a few hours after this incident, he was seen meeting people without wearing a mask and also held a press conference.

The entire script was written sitting in Delhi, DGP executed it.

Kashyap said that when you cannot surround the Prime Minister in elections, if you cannot surround him with questions in Parliament, then play with security. The question arises as to at whose behest the bureaucrats and police officers were playing this game. Playing with security? How did such a security lapse happened in the then Congress government of Punjab? Congress will have to answer this.

Kashyap alleged that this entire script was written sitting in Delhi, which was executed by the Chief Minister of Punjab and the DGP.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi in security cordon during his visit to Ferozepur on January 5 (file photo)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in security cordon during his visit to Ferozepur on January 5 (file photo)

Congress’s hand with the country’s opponents

Kashyap said that after this whole incident, it becomes clear that the hand of Congress is with the opponents of the country. The state president said that today the Chief Justice of the country and the three-judge bench have said a lot about the security lapse of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Punjab. The allegations made by the Bharatiya Janata Party on the then Congress government of the state at that time proved to be true.

The Supreme Court has also said that during the Prime Minister’s visit to Ferozepur, the SSP there failed to provide security as well as maintain law and order, while the SSP of Ferozepur had enough time of two hours, under which the security of the Prime Minister was Alternate routes created for this could be used.

Under a protocol, the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, Director General of Police of the state where the Prime Minister visits are present on the spot, but when the Prime Minister reached Punjab, these three heads of the state government were not present. This mess in security was not natural, but well-planned. At whose behest did the security lapse happen again in a state where the Chief Minister has been assassinated before?

Congress should clarify this. More recently, the Prime Minister visited Telangana, huge black balloons were flown just before the Prime Minister’s helicopter arrived, also playing with the security of the Prime Minister.

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