Pankit Thakker on Aditya Singh Rajput’s death: Not right to call it a case of drug overdose

Actor Pankit Thakker is heartbroken after the sudden death of mode-actor-casting director Aditya Singh Rajput, and contrary to what is being circulated as a reason, Thakker is not ready to believe it is a case of drug overdose. “People need to wait for a proper investigation to happen before jumping to conclusions,” he urges.
Pankit Thakker had interacted with Aditya Singh Rajput on multiple occasions.

Rajput, who participated in popular reality show splitsvilla and detective show Cambala Investigation Agency and featured in movies such as Main Gandhi Ko Nahi Maara, died on Monday after he allegedly slipped and fell in the bathroom of his Andheri home. As soon as the news of death surfaced, several reports indicated that he died of drug overdose, which were not verified by any official.

“It is not right to say that he has passed away because of a drug overdose. He didn’t do drugs. The issue has been blown out of proportion. At the moment, police have also not confirmed anything, and there is no confirmation that he died due to drug overdose,” Thakker says.

According to Thakker, a proper investigation needs to happen to find out how Rajput died. “One needs to verify the facts and know exactly what happened, instead of blowing it out of proportion on social media. I hope the truth comes out soon, and people know what exactly happened. So, that there are happy memories associated with him, instead of a dent on his reputation,” he maintains.

The actor says he fails to understand how such a reason has become so viral on the internet. “The poor boy has passed away, his parents have to deal with this hard truth and now they have to read all the things being written on social media. People need to be sensitive before putting it out on social media. There is no confirmation at the moment. And one needs to imagine the toll it will take on the people grieving his death — be it his parents, friends and or the person he was seeing,” he notes.

Thakker formed a special bond with Rajput after bumping into him socially, and gradually got to know him as a person.

“We meet people so often, that we get to know how a person is, and for sure can say that Aditya didn’t do drugs. He has passed away because of something else, which the police will find out. Till then, we should not speculate and believe what is coming online. His reputation is at stake here,” he continues, “The people will now remember him and his death for its link to drugs, which is yet to be ascertained. That’s because it will stay alive for years to come in the virtual world. People will move on, but those stories will stay.

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