Omicron’s new sub-variant ‘Centaurus’ increased infection in Jharkhand, health department alert

Jharkhand Omicron Subvariant Centaurus: In Jharkhand (Jharkhand), the speed of Kovid infection has increased due to the new sub-variant Centaurus of Omicron. This conclusion has come out from the genome sequencing of samples collected from different districts of the state. It has been found that this variant is responsible for 63.23 percent of the total cases of Kovid infection in the state. It should be noted that due to this variant, fears of a fourth wave of Kovid have been raised in the country. In view of the cases of infection due to this sub-variant in Jharkhand also, the Health Department has directed to increase the speed of testing in all the districts and ensure compliance of the Kovid protocol. It has been told that this new sub-variant can infect people who have taken vaccine doses before, so people need to be alert.

People need to be very alert
According to Dr Jitendra Kumar of CCL’s Gandhinagar, Ranchi hospital, Centaurus is actually a sub-variant of Omicron. Although there have been no signs of it being extremely lethal so far, but it is responsible for rapid infection. In such a situation, people need to be very alert. This sub-variant is believed to be the most important factor behind the fears that experts have expressed about the fourth wave of Kovid in the country.

what do the figures say
Talking about the number of Kovid infected patients in the state, maximum 2 dozen people have been found infected in East Singhbhum in the last 24 hours. Not a single case has been found in 8 out of 24 districts of the state. The maximum number of 137 patients are being treated in East Singhbhum top. 64 people are infected in Ramgarh and 63 in Ranchi. Similarly, there are 32 patients in Bokaro and 25 in Deoghar.

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