Oath taking ceremony held in Vidisha: Congress councilors boycott, allegations of discrimination

Vidisha3 minutes ago

Congress councilors boycotted the swearing-in ceremony of Vidisha Municipal Government and said that such discrimination is being done with the public representatives elected by the public. Is. Whereas he is the elected public representative of the people and the swearing-in ceremony is a government event. This hurt our sentiments and all of us Congress councilors have boycotted the swearing-in ceremony.

Congress President Suresh Motiani said that the name of our elected MLA is not there in the card while the three names given are selected. In such a situation, it is not appropriate for us to go to the program and we all boycott the swearing-in ceremony and we request the MP government to make such a plan, even if we are less in the capital, it does not mean that our elected MLA is fit to sit on the stage. Not anymore. He has come by choosing among the people and on his strength we have come by winning the elections.

When they won’t sit on stage, why should we take oath? Councilor Dharmendra Yadav said that some BJP leaders have accepted that Vidisha is our stronghold. He is playing with the sentiments of the Congress and the general public. After electing the President on 8th August, he has given a message to the public by holding the oath taking ceremony on 20th August. He has given proof of bad mentality by not calling the local MLA. Due to this, it was decided by all the councilors of Congress that they would not attend the swearing-in ceremony. On this occasion, office bearers of various fronts including councilors of Congress were present.

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