Now arbitrariness will not run in the discussions: the message will reach the officers’ mobile as soon as the sections and the names of the accused are changed

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The message will reach the mobile as soon as the streams are changed

Now the officers will also pay attention to the discussions done by the investigators in Firozabad. As soon as the discriminant changes the streams, its information will reach the officials through SMS. On this, the officials will take immediate cognizance and summon the investigator.

The matter will remain in the notice of the authorities
After the crime report is filed, the officers from the rank of sub-inspector to the CO investigate the matter. Evidence is gathered in the investigation. Then there is an investigation of the sections and the role of the accused. During the course of the investigation, many times the investigators remove and add the names of the sections and the accused. After this prepare the charge sheet and present it in the court.

Based on this, a hearing is held in the court. During the investigation, there are allegations of deletion and addition of sections and names of the accused. When the answer is called from the supervising officers, they say that they do not have information. To avoid such situations, the Additional Director General of Police (Crime) has implemented a new system.

system has been implemented
SP Countryside Dr. Akhilesh Narayan said, “The officers were not able to get information about changes in the investigation of any crime due to busyness. In the new system, now information about changes in sections and accused is received through SMS. This system should be implemented. It’s over.”

“In the investigation of the crime registered, the investigator records his investigation report on the computer. In this, along with reducing or increasing the sections of the offense, it is mentioned to remove or increase the names of the accused. As soon as the change will be saved, the message of change will reach the official mobile number of the concerned officials.

The horoscope of the accused will be with the currents
In relation to all kinds of cases registered in the police station, the instructions will reach the CO. Apart from this, information about special report cases (murder, robbery, dacoity and other serious crimes), women related crimes will reach the officers of the level of Additional Superintendent of Police i.e. ASP level. At the same time, the message of reshuffle in the investigation of the special report case and robbery incidents will reach the SP level officers. It will contain information about the crime number as well as the changed sections and the accused.

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