Neither sewerage nor roads were built: people are getting upset on the dug roads, mud in the rain, dust in the sun becomes a disaster

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  • Uncompleted Work Of Storm Sewerage Creating Problems, People Get Upset On The Dug Roads, Mud In The Rain, Dust In The Sun.

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The unfinished work left midway near Hans Raj Kanya Mahavidyalaya is causing problems to the people.

The work of laying storm sewerage in the city is going on at a tortoise pace. But these days, perhaps the tortoise is also resting after being tired by walking. This is the reason that nothing is happening with the dug roads in the city, nor is the storm sewerage work progressing there. The pipes are lying where they were thrown. The condition of the busiest Kapurthala road in the city is bad.

People say that after digging the road on Kapurthala Road, people are very upset due to it not being repaired again. In the rain, no one can walk on this road on foot, the two wheeler drivers who walk here, they slip and fall many times. By the way, even without rain, this road is not free from danger. Due to the oncoming vehicles, the pedestrian gets dusted in the same way.

The same is the condition of the road coming from Kapurthala Chowk towards Hans Raj Kanya Mahavidyalaya (HMV). Roads have been dug here too. Big pits have fallen in these, which are filled with rain water or sewerage water. Even here, big vehicles leave as they go, but the two wheeler drivers leave here at their own risk.
Excavated road coming from Kapurthala Chowk to Workshop Chowk

Excavated road coming from Kapurthala Chowk to Workshop Chowk

After digging the roads at Workshop Chowk near Hansraj Kanya Mahavidyalaya, where the statue of Swami Vivekananda ji is installed, a single small road has been made for the movement of vehicles, which is jammed all the time. When the vehicles all around gather to go towards Madsudan, they get jammed despite the chowk lights being installed.

The work on this road is still pending. However, further work has been completed near DAV College and Stadium. Huge pipes of storm sewerage are also lying on the dug road near Hans Kanya Raj Mahavidyalaya. The cut coming from Kapurthala Chowk is also kept closed in the circle of Usari, due to which vehicles are getting jammed at the Chowk. People say that he has asked the municipal officials many times to get the work completed soon, but no one is taking it seriously.

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