Negligence in Raisen: People passing under goods train parked on railway track risking their lives

Raisen11 minutes ago

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People become so careless about the rush in the rush of life that they do not even see the danger of losing their lives. Yes, such a sight is seen here at the railway station of Salamatpur town. Here people in a hurry, instead of the footover bridge located at the railway station, take the risk of their lives and come out from under the goods train parked on the railway track. Now, if during this time a train standing on the railway track suddenly starts running when there is a green signal, then what will happen to the people coming out from under the goods train during this period. As soon as I imagine it, my body starts trembling.

It is worth mentioning that Rajiv Nagar, adjacent to Salamatpur railway station, is a tribal settlement in Indranagar. Where the residents come several times a day from this side of the railway track to that side. These include women and children as well. However, a foot over bridge has been built at the railway station to go from one side to the other. Despite this, people risk their lives due to haste and get out from under the goods train standing on the track.

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