My Demon Ep 3-4 review: Song Kang-Kim Yoo Jung’s chemistry unfolds with a thrillingly romantic Tango

Name: My Demon
My Demon(Netflix)

Cast: Kim Yoo Jung, Song Kang, Lee Sang Yi, Kim Hae Sook, and more

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Airing date: 24th November

Streaming platforms: Netflix, SBS

Director: Kim Jang Han Kwon Da Som

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Number of episodes: 16 (airs every Friday-Saturday)

My Demon plotline

My Demon is a new K-drama on Netflix, airing every Friday and Saturday. It’s the first time we see Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung acting together, and it also marks Song Kang’s entry into supernatural romance drama. The story follows a demon who’s been around for 200 years, staying alive by swapping souls with humans. On the other side, Kim Yoo Jung is a wealthy business heiress. Their paths cross one day, and as Song Kang tries to save her, he accidentally transfers his powers to her. Now, they must stick together and even enter into a contractual marriage to reclaim his powers.

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My Demon ep 3-4 review

In My Demon episodes 3 and 4, the story unfolds as Do Do Hee finds herself getting more attracted to Jung Gu Won’s charming personality. Still, she’s not entirely sure about trusting him. As she begins to believe his story about being a demon, it’s only when she sees him swapping souls with humans that she starts to trust him completely about his demonic story. This makes her seriously think about her earlier offer for him to be her bodyguard, especially after he saved her from an acidic attack.

Jung Gu Won, witnessing his body’s combustion without his powers, agrees to the position. Meanwhile, Joo Cheon Sook (played by Kim Hae Sook) becomes the target of a mysterious killer and is murdered. At the funeral, Joo Cheon Sook’s real children discover that she has named all her assets in Do Do Hee’s name. To claim the inheritance, Do Do Hee must marry, or the assets will go to a trust. Do Do Hee proposes to Jung Gu Won on the spot, but he turns her down not once, but twice, and then thrice.

My Demon ep 3-4 highlight

Setting aside the storyline, the standout moment of the tale was undoubtedly the tango dance between Do Do Hee and Jung Gu Won in the final scene, as they confronted attackers aiming for the protagonists. Check some of the reactions.

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