Multivitamins: Tips on how to include multivitamins in daily diet, their benefits

Adding multivitamins to your daily food intake can play a vital role in enhancing several body functions since not only do they boost the immune system but they also improve mental health and make your skin and nails better. Multivitamins also help in slowing the aging process in fact, taking a multivitamin daily for three years can slow cognitive aging by up to 60%.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Shikha Dwivedi, Msc Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, in-house nutritionist at OZiva, shared, “Men and women are physiologically different hence, the daily micronutrients required by them also differ. Before you start including multivitamins in your routine, ensure that your multivitamin tablet contains all the essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, A, B Vitamins, Iron, Zinc etc in the right quantities.”

She added, “Another important factor to keep in mind is to pick a multivitamin that is clean or devoid of harsh chemicals so that it is safe for long term consumption. Since you obtain some quantities of vitamins from your daily diet, it is always advisable to consult an expert or nutritionist who can help choose the right one.”

Divij Bajaj, Founder and CEO of Power Gummies, highlighted. “Good nutrition takes you for a long ride. It is a lifestyle and not a one-day job. We need our food choices to go in sync with the idea of good nutrition. Speaking of good nutrition isn’t to stress that people just have green salads, and stop eating what they like. That’s where multivitamins come in place, to be the perfect OTC product and be your all-time ally. Smart lifestyle choices, multivitamins, are best to guarantee the future health.”

Asserting that multivitamins can help to fulfil the gap even after you follow the food first approach, he explained, “The idea is to strike the bolt with a balanced diet and multivitamins because every type of diet practice you can follow might still have a gap. Due to factors like genetics, age and current life stage too, wherein multivitamins are a total blessing. Multivitamins coming with different combinations help with better nutrient absorption than food. Really, multiple vitamins packed together makes it easy for people to adapt in their lifestyle for good nutrition, easy, convenient and effective.”

Dolly Kumar, Founder and Director of Gaia, elaborated, “Apart from essential nutrients like Vitamin A, E and D, multivitamins are also a rich source of zinc, which is much needed to boost your body’s lymphocytes and cell signalling. They help improve both the body’s adaptive and innate immune systems by increasing the growth of neutrophils, primarily aided by membrane stabilization due to the oxidative properties of zinc present in them. Multivitamins also have a crucial role in reversing the damage of pathogens on the body by boosting the activity of its lymphoid cells.”

Gushing over the additional benefits of multivitamins in daily diet, she said, “Combined with their balancing effect on the body’s fluid levels, multivitamins can also prevent the development of several chronic illnesses in the long run. You can get your daily dose of multivitamins by including fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy fats. You can also include them in your diet in the form of capsules, chewable tablets, powder, etc, that are equally beneficial for your body in giving the unconsumable nutrients like Vitamin A, D, E, and potassium. It’s essential to take a daily dose of multivitamins to keep diseases at bay and help you live a healthy life.”

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