Monkeys attacked the elderly in Tundla: Death by falling from the roof, villagers demanded from the administration to get the monkey caught

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Deceased Chandrapal Rajput.

Monkeys attacked an elderly man walking on the terrace in Tundla on Saturday. While running to escape, the elders fell from the roof. The family members of the seriously injured elderly were taken to the hospital for treatment. Where the doctors declared him brought dead. police have performed postmortem on the corpse. The villagers have demanded that the monkeys be caught.

62-year-old Chanderpal Rajput, a resident of village Mohammadabad in Thana Tundla area, was walking on the terrace of the house on Saturday. Then a herd of monkeys attacked them. Uncontrollably, he fell down from the roof while trying to avoid the monkeys. In which he suffered serious injuries.

The family took him to FH Medical College for treatment in a hurry. Where the doctors declared him brought dead. The old man has left behind 4 daughters and a 12-year-old son Vansh weeping. Police has sent the dead body for postmortem.

Terror of monkeys increasing in the area
Regarding the matter, the villagers have demanded the administration to get the monkeys caught. Villagers say that the terror of monkeys is increasing continuously in the area. When the door is open, the monkeys take away the goods from the house. Tundla’s Shivpuri Colony, Indra Nagar, Saraswati Nagar, Radha Nagar, Highway Regency, including Etah Road, are continuously increasing the terror of monkeys. He has demanded that they be arrested.

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