Mandal level meeting of Swarnakar Samaj held in Sambhal: Speaker said – Political participation is necessary to reach the demand of goldsmiths to the government

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Mandal level meeting of Swarnakar Samaj was held in Sambhal. In this, the people of Swarnakar Samaj gave their views on security of goldsmith traders, expansion of district Sambhal executive and other important topics. The meeting took place at Verma Farm House.

In the program, garlanding was done by lighting a lamp in front of the picture of Mother India and Ajmeed Maharaj. After this the children presented Saraswati Vandana and welcome song. State President of Uttar Pradesh Swarnakar Samaj Association Mukul Verma said that today we see in the society that painful incidents like looting and killings keep happening with the goldsmith traders.

This creates an atmosphere of insecurity and fear among the traders doing business of gold and silver. For this, we want that if such an incident happens in the country and the state, then immediately the administrative officer there should take strict action against the criminals.
Mandal level meeting of Swarnakar Samaj was held.

Mandal level meeting of Swarnakar Samaj was held.

Uttar Pradesh Backward Classes Commission member Girish Chandra Verma Advocate said, “Swarnakar Samaj has been doing business of gold and silver for centuries, but today the talk about their security is very important for the government. Because Swarnakar Society is also an important part of the society. Therefore, in order to take the matter of the Swarnkar Samaj to the government, all the goldsmiths should take their part in the political field and reach the government.

Government stands step by step with traders
Industrialist Kapil Singhal said, “Swarnakar brothers have their own separate identity and place in the society. Protecting them is not only the responsibility of the government and administrative officers but it is also the whole responsibility. But the present central and state government is doing a lot to punish the criminals. It is active. The government is standing step by step with the traders.” The children who presented the cultural program were also rewarded.

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