Lottery changed luck! Got a reward of 30 thousand rupees, it turned out to be 3 crores

Lottery Ticket: Nothing can be said when a person’s luck turns. It is considered very important to have luck, especially with lottery players. The same thing happened with a couple in America. Here a couple thought that they have won 360 dollars in the Washington Lottery Game, which is about 30 thousand rupees in Indian currency, but the amount these people won was more than they thought.

A couple from Linwood bought a ticket for the hit Game 5 at Fred Meyer in July. According to a Washington Lottery release on August 15, when the couple tried to redeem the money they had won at a store, the person present there asked to go to the lottery office to redeem the amount.

30 thousand not 3 crore reward

When this couple reached the lottery office, they got it checked there and it was found that their winning amount is not of $ 360 but of $ 3 lakh 60 thousand. On this the employee present there asked this couple whether you want a chair. This employee asked this because this amount was much more than what the couple thought.

couple lost their senses

Describing the joy of winning a lot more than expected in the lottery, the couple said that this small piece of paper is worth Rs 3 crore. The couple further told that out of the winning amount, they have given 10 thousand dollars to their son and daughter-in-law and will add the remaining money to their retirement fund. Actually this couple was asked to go to the lottery office because small amount is paid at the store.

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