‘Let’s just breathe’: Vaibhavi Upadhyaya wrote about being grateful to ‘perfect bodily health’ in last Instagram post

actors Vaibhavi Upadhyaya, who died in Himachal Pradesh on Monday, had shared her last post on Instagram a few weeks ago. She had posted a video on May 6 from her 2019 trip to the state and wrote about being grateful for ‘perfect sensory, bodily health’. Several places including Bir, Dharamshala, and Bhattu monastery in Keori were geo-tagged in the video. (Also read | Who was Vaibhavi Upadhyaya? Know all about the actor,

Vaibhavi Upadhyaya shared her final post from Himachal Pradesh on May 6.

Vaibhavi’s last Instagram post

The clip on Instagram Also featured is a picture of Vaibhavi as she looked away from the camera. She wrote, “Let’s all stop and just breathe every once in a while” on the photo and added the hashtag–living in the moment. Vaibhavi had also added Hinanaaz’s Je Raavi Vich Paani Koi Ni song as the background music.

She had captioned the post, “Just last night in a silent moment of reflection, After I’d just finished watching ‘Sound of Metal’, I was reminded of the gifts, the blessings, most of us are born with. And how brutally do we take it all for granted. Our perfect vision, hearing, the sense of touch, taste and smell are so basic yet so so crucial and instrumental to lead a perfectly healthy, happy and full life. let alone be grateful for it.

Vaibhavi had added, “Then the endless chain of thoughts lead me to remember my most favorite sound on earth, the rustling of leaves, I was always drawn to that sound ever since I was a child, being a city kid I was deprived of the sounds of nature, but our annual school vacation trip to my mother’s native village would bring me these little moments of strange calmness. I couldn’t completely comprehend that feeling then, but I started to understand and appreciate it as I grew older. And have now turned into an ever-growing longing.”

The actor also wrote, “Coincidentally today while doomscrolling, Instagram popped this reel of my highlights from my 2019 trip to the mountains. And thanks to that I was able to pen this, it would’ve otherwise gone into that chaotic oblivion of starkly varied thoughts and emotions I feel and experience everyday. Blessed are those who wake up with the purest sounds of nature, breathe clean fresh air, have uncomplicated, tiring but stress free routines, living their simple yet grand lives away from the madness we have come to call ‘the new normal’.”

“‘Basic’ is the new ‘Luxury’. And on that note I congratulate those who have their perfect sensory and bodily health including myself. It is a reminder to be grateful for the most basic but most crucial gifts of life, OUR HEALTH. Know it, feel it, maintain it, celebrate it. Love and gratitude,” concluded her post.

Vaibhavi’s funeral

Vaibhavi’s last rites were performed on Wednesday in Mumbai. Several celebrities from the television industry including Deven Bhojani, Gautam Rode and JD Majethia among others paid their last respects to the late actor. Vaibhavi, best known for the TV series Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, died in a road accident in Kullu after her car fell into a gorge. The accident occurred when the driver of the car was negotiating a steep curve.

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