Lauren Gottlieb finds love in Tobias Jones: Everyone around us calls us husband and wife

On Tuesday, actor-dancer Lauren Gottlieb announced her relationship with video creator Tobias Jones on Instagram. “I have never known a love like this,” Gottlieb gushes, adding: “It feels like coming home. I’m completely at peace. I always dreamt of having a true partner in life. We definitely found our perfect match.”

While Gottlieb announced her relationship, they are in no mood to get engaged yet. “We are truly very happy and enjoying being with each other. Will surely tell you when it’s meant to happen,” the 34-year-old says, also adding, “Ironically when we are out shopping together or checking into hotels, everyone around us calls us husband and wife!”

It was a modern love for Gottlieb and Jones as the two met each other on Instagram in March 2022 and soon slid into each other’s DM. After working together for a project the two “tried to find any excuse to work together” despite Gottlieb being in the US at that time while he stayed in the UK. “TJ is the full package! The perfect balance of confident, kind, caring, funny, playful, professional, hardworking,” the ABCD actor shares, revealing that the two officially started dating in July last year. The two have been in a long distance relationship since then.

“We are both so busy so we will make time to see each other once a month. All I know is that I worked really hard over the past couple of years to understand myself, to love myself completely so the love of my life could match that love, and I’ve found it. Now we both have the perfect work, love balance in our lives,” she adds.

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