Killing 3 children for 5 thousand rupees: Mother said – I do not regret it, when the husband could not maintain, then why did he give birth?

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date-August 15, location– Bhanmal Rai Patti village of Ghazipur. Sunita, who lives here, had given her three children a cup of tea mixed with sulfash on Monday. One by one all three children died. Dainik Bhaskar found out the story behind this massacre. The motive for the murder is shocking. Sunita killed her children for just 5 thousand rupees. He did everything in anger, but now he has no remorse for what he did.

Accused woman Sunita said, “There was no money to run the expenses in the house. There was no money left to even bring the children’s clothes, school supplies, household items. All these things were known to my husband. I couldn’t bear the cost of that, then why did I create it. That’s why I have killed my children and I have no regrets about it.”

Woman said – I have no regrets for killing children. There was a shortage of money in the house.

“Dewar used to fight with me at home”
Sunita further said, “My brother-in-law also used to fight with me in the house. My husband Baleshwar Yadav works in a factory in Gurugram. He used to get 10 thousand rupees there. Devar has a grocery shop in the village itself. That too a little help. But it was not doing any good. If there are four children in the house, then the expenses will be the same.”

“I used to feel bad when children asked for money”
Sunita said, “Before Rakshabandhan, I had gone to my maternal home Revatipur. There I asked my husband for Rs 5000 for the children. He started fighting with me on the phone after asking for money. I also talked to my brother-in-law, he also spoke wrong to me. I got very angry on this matter. When children asked for money to buy something, it used to be very sad. On August 15, my children were insisting on getting clothes.”
The father is in a bad condition after the death of the children.  He says that he does not even want to see Sunita.

The father is in a bad condition after the death of the children. He says that he does not even want to see Sunita.

“Bought sulfas tablet for 20 rupees”
Sunita told, “When I refused him, he left in anger with me. That’s when I thought that it is better than such a life that my children should die. I left the house with 20 rupees. I bought sulfas tablets from a nearby shop. In the house. Came and made tea for the children. Then put a pill in it. After that I called my children playing outside home. Then I talked to them a little.

I asked all three to have tea. They drank tea in front of me. After sometime my children started crying in front of me. I was looking at them but couldn’t do anything. When my parents saw the children like this, they took the children to the hospital. One by one my three children died. My younger son was in the neighboring house, otherwise he would have poisoned him too.”

Villagers told- Sunita used to fight with the people of the village too.

Villagers told- Sunita used to fight with the people of the village too.

“Always used to talk about giving poison”
Baleshwar Yadav, the husband of the accused woman, reached his village on Tuesday. He is shocked to hear the news of the children’s death. Baleshwar cried and said, “Sunita always used to tell children to give poison. Didn’t know this time she would really give it. Had she known, she would have given her money by begging. She has killed my children.”

Sunita's maternal uncle is in this street.  where he killed his child.

Sunita’s maternal uncle is in this street. where he killed his child.

murder case against wife
Husband Baleshwar said, “He has registered a case of murder against his wife. His wife is in police custody. After the post-mortem, the bodies of the three children reached the village. The water of the three children has been flown into the river Ganga.”

Both were married 14 years ago
Villagers said, “Sunita and Baleshwar were married 14 years ago. Sunita was a resident of Revatipur police station Sait Dam. Both had four children. The woman had sons Himanshu (11), Priyanshu (8) and daughter Supriya (7). He was poisoned on Monday afternoon. His youngest son Sheru had gone to play in the adjoining house or else he would have poisoned him too. The three children studied together in the council school.

The people of the village also told that Sunita was a very quarrelsome woman. She always used to fight with her husband. She did not even get along with her brother-in-law.”

All three children died during treatment
Let me tell you, the woman Sunita had poisoned her children on August 15. When the condition of the children deteriorated, they were taken to the district hospital. Piyush died during treatment here. Seeing the critical condition of Himanshu and Supriya, doctors referred them to Trauma Center in Varanasi. Himanshu also died as soon as he reached Varanasi. Supriya also died during treatment late on Monday night.

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