Is Taiwan ready for war with China? President Tsi Ing Wen gave hints, know what he said


Taiwan China War: Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing Wen has arrived at the Suav naval base amid ongoing tensions with China. President Tsi Ing Wen also thanked them, as well as spending time and dining with naval officers and soldiers present at this base. According to the presidential office, he said in his speech, “Some time ago, a provocative and tension-increasing action from China came out outside the waters of Taiwan. Our Navy showed unwavering courage and responded calmly.”

What did President Tsi Ing Wen say?
President Tsai Ing Wen said, “Tonight, I arrived at the Suao Naval Base in Yilan to express my highest respect and gratitude. I also had dinner with my brothers and sisters from the army. During this time I accompanied the commanders of the recent mission. Also discussed. Despite this, the officers and soldiers at the base are still ready to leave the port and defend Taiwan’s waters at any time.”

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It is necessary to keep an eye on the movement of the enemy
President Tsai Ing Wen continued, “It is important to keep an eye on the movements of enemy ships at all times. The pressure on the shoulders of our soldiers for this task is enormous. Taiwan is also like a naval ship. Sometimes there are unpredictable winds. And the waves have to be faced. But as long as the comrades on the ship are united, all the challenges ahead can be overcome. So, as long as we have our army, we will be safe.

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