Interview: Sadia Khateeb wants her real brother to learn these qualities from Akshay Kumar

Sadia Khateeb comes across as the most caring and ideal sister one can wish for in Aanand L Rai’s Raksha Bandhan. The one-film-old actor played the role of the eldest of Akshay Kumar’s Lala Kedarnath’s four sisters in the film. She, however, claims to be more of a tomboy in real life, unlike her role in Raksha Bandhan. She also wants her brother to learn a thing or two from her reel brother Akshay Kumar. Also read: Raksha Bandhan’s Deepika Khanna on ‘double decker’ line: ‘Autowalas, strangers tell me to lose weight’

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Sadia talked about the film, its extensive promotions across the country and the many gifts Akshay showered her with. She also shared her views on the bad box office performance of the film. Excerpts:

What is the best compliment you have received for Raksha Bandhan.

I have been receiving lot of compliments for Raksha Bandhan and each and everybody is saying this from heart. All these compliments mean the world to me. But the best compliment definitely has to be from my family, especially my sister. She didn’t say anything but when she went to watch the film, she was wearing a pink top, makeup and kajal. The moment she came out, her pink top was all black and there was no makeup on her face. All the kajal was on her collar as she had cried her heart out. While crying, she was so happy at the same time. My parents were also quite happy, it was my father who pushed me to do this project. I thanked him only after watching the film and was like we must listen to our elders.
Akshay Kumar and Sadia Khateeb in a still from Raksha Bandhan. 

You were shown to be the most sorted sister among the four in Raksha Bandhan. Among the four sisters, who do you identify the most with in real life?

I am a mixture of all four sisters. I am more of a tomboy. I am very caring but I am more of a naughty person, a chhoti bachi at home who is always having fun.

How did you land the role in Raksha Bandhan. You are just one film old?

After my debut with Shikara, I was looking for my second project and wanted it to be a big one, commercial one, good story, good cast. Thankfully, Aanand sir liked me in Shikara and wanted me in this one and I also approached him as it was a dream to work with him.

What do you think led to the underperformance of the film at box office.

I honestly don’t know, I think its film’s destiny. I loved it, people around me who watched the film loved it. I only hope that audience give this film a chance in theatres and whenever it comes to OTT, they decide it themselves.

What was more fun — shooting with Akshay and your reel sisters or promoting the film in so many cities?

It was definitely the promotions. Shooting was fun too but during promotions, there was absolutely no stress about any work. When you are shooting, you are not yourself, you are more into character. Most of the time, we have to be in certain frame of mind on set. During promotions, we were so chill and had the best time of our lives. It was great fun.

What did Akshay gift you in particular?

So many things, I have got pearls, suits, a saree and some more things. We all got lot of gifts.

Is there something you would want your real brother to learn from your reel brother?

Both my real and reel brother make fun of me. They are both really cool and its so much fun to be around both of them. I would love my brother Atif to learn from Akshay sir – lot of discipline, passion, hard work and how he treats people around him. From Lalaji, I would want Atif to learn how he praises his sisters. My brother never praises me and I would want him to do that.

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