India’s tricolor hoisted proudly in Uzbekistan

Indian Tricolor in Uzbekistan: 75 years of India’s independence have been completed. From August 13 to August 15, under the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga Abhiyan’, the tricolor was covered in every house, road and square of the country. The national flag was flown with pride in every corner of the country. Many events were organized. The whole country was filled with the feeling of patriotism. Meanwhile, the pride of India’s tricolor was seen in foreign countries as well. In Uzbekistan too, the tricolor was shading during a ceremony (76th Independence Day Celebrations) on the occasion of India’s 76th Independence Day.

The wave of the nectar festival of freedom reached not only the country but also abroad. Events were organized in many countries of the world on 15th August and the tricolor flag was flown with pride and respect along with the development story of India.

India’s tricolor shaded in Uzbekistan

India is celebrating the ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ for a year on the completion of 75 years of its independence. On August 15, the whole country was immersed in the spirit of patriotism with the glory of the tricolor. At the same time, the tricolor continued to show its wonders in foreign countries as well. The Indian tricolor was hoisted gracefully among fountains in Tashkent City Park to thunderous applause at the closing ceremony of the 76th Independence Day celebrations in Uzbekistan. From children, old and young to women, participated during the ceremony. With Jana Gana Mana, a complete atmosphere of patriotism was created.

Tricolor pride in many countries of the world

In other parts of the world also, the tricolor continued to be proudly displayed. On the 75th anniversary of Independence Day, the Amrit Festival of Independence was celebrated by hoisting the tricolor at the historic Times Square in New York, America. This flag hoisting event was organized in the US by the Federation of India and the New York Metropolitan Region. India’s independence was celebrated in a unique way in a mall in Dubai. At the same time, in Hong Kong, the diaspora celebrated the tricolor campaign at every home as a festival under the Amrit Festival of Independence (Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav).

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