In Ludhiana in the form of innocently decorated Banke Bihari: Manu Chawla has been doing service for 7 years, started decorating Shivling with flowers


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Manu Chawla after decorating Lord Bhole Shankar in the form of Banke Bihari in the ancient Gaushala temple.

Janmashtami is being celebrated with pomp in Ludhiana, Punjab. Bhola Baba is dressed in the form of Banke Bihari in the ancient Gaushala temple on Janmashtami. Bhole Baba has been decorated in the form of Banke Bihari by his param Bhagat Manu Chawla. Manu Chawla was engaged in the service of Bhole Nath from 1 pm to 5 pm. Bhole Baba’s makeup started at 1 pm which was completed at 5 pm.

Manu Chawla said that he is a hosiery trader. Being a devotee of Bhole Shankar, he has been continuously decorating Shivling on different festivals for the last 7 years. He said that when Ganesh Chaturthi comes, he decorates Bholenath as Ganapati. Similarly, on Janmashtami, he has decorated Bhole Baba in the form of Banke Bihari.

Punishment in the form of Lord Shri Krishna Ji, the form of Bhole Baba

Punishment in the form of Lord Shri Krishna Ji, the form of Bhole Baba

Served in many temples of Punjab

He told that he has decorated Shivling in different temples of Pathankot, Patiala, Amritsar and other cities of Punjab. According to Manu, he himself does not know how he punishes the innocent Shankar in different forms.

no course from anywhere

Manu said that if water is to be successful in any field, then it is necessary to have a guru or education, but he did not take any course to decorate Shivling in different forms from anywhere. As soon as sitting in front of the form of Bhole Shankar, the shape of the innocent automatically starts forming in the eyes and the hands start moving on their own.

free service

In Punjab, if someone invites him to decorate the form of innocent Shankar in any temple, then he does not take any fee or money from anyone. He performs seva every Monday at the ancient Gaushala temple and decorates the Shivling. Monday is a special day for them. On this day he does not go to any temple anywhere in Punjab. He only decorates the Shivling in the ancient Gaushala temple.

It was started by decorating Shivling with flowers.

About 7 years ago today, Manu Chawla started decorating Shivling with flowers. Manu told that flowers worth about 1000 rupees were planted daily. There was a lot of difficulty in offering water to the flowers, because the flowers are not allowed to be immersed in rivers etc. After this he started decorating Shivling with watercolor and other materials and today he has decorated the forms of Shivling made in almost all the temples in Ludhiana.

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