How to be an ally to your partner: Expert shares tips


Every relationship needs partners that are ready to be by each other’s side, no matter what. Relationship takes work, efforts and compromises from both ends to make it work and create a healthy space to flourish, individually and together. A relationship is a journey of two people, who accept each other’s shortcomings, have their difficult moments and constantly choose to be with each other, through thick and thin. After the initial phase of butterflies get over, a relationship can be a difficult phase with the partners exposing their vulnerabilities and their traumas. Each person brings their own baggage into a relationship, but how we choose to address it determines the fate of the relationship.

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In a companionship between two people, it is important to keep ensuring the other person that we are there, no matter what. A relationship grows with the bond of friendship and partnership. The partner should know that we are their ally and are ready to help them out through every emotion that they undergo in their life. Marriage and Family Therapist Elizabeth Earnshaw addressed this in her latest Instagram post and listed out four ways by which we can show our partner that we are their ally and by them through everything that they go through.

Believe: Believing in the partner is a strong way of showing that we are there to help them out. In difficult situations, when the partner speaks about his/her abuse or neglect or any other difficult emotion that they need help in processing, we should believe them and be by them.

Be by them: Some struggles are personal and silent. But even in those situations, we can be beside them and remind them that they have a friend in us.

Curiosity: In cases of neglect and abuse, the partner may feel that no one is there to be curious to know about how they are feeling. In such cases, be their friend and let them know that you are interested in knowing about their emotions.

Support: A strong support from a partner in a relationship goes a long way. It is important to stand by them and support them and their emotions, choices.

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