Harpal and Fatehveer on remand for 8 days: Both the accused have studied with gangster Landa, order came from Canada

Amritsar31 minutes ago

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Punjab Police has obtained 8-day remand of both the accused.

The conspiracy to plant a bomb in the car of a sub-inspector in Amritsar, Punjab was done by the Canadian gangster Lakhbir Singh alias Landa. On Thursday, the police obtained 8-day remand by presenting the two accused Harpal Singh and Fatehveer Singh in the court. After interrogation of both, the strings of this terrorist incident have started connecting with Landa and Rinda from gangsters sitting in Canada and Pakistan to becoming terrorists.

According to the information received, gangster Lakhbir Singh alias Landa is spreading terror in the country by sitting in Canada thousands of kilometers away. Lakhbir Landa’s name also cropped up a few months back in the case of attack on the head office of the Intelligence Unit of Punjab Police in Mohali. Preliminary investigation has revealed that Landa had contact with both the accused of Tarn Taran and after this work, he had also arranged to send them to Canada. It is also reported that Landa had studied with Harpal and Fatehveer Singh at some point of time.

bomb came from pakistan

The investigation also revealed that the bomb, which Harpal and Fatehveer Singh had implanted under the sub-inspector’s vehicle, had also come from Pakistan. It is reported that 2.700 kg. More than 2 kg of RDX was planted in this bomb of K. Had there been an explosion, at least one kilometer of buildings would have been damaged by it.

Know who is this Landa

Lakhbir, a gangster-turned-terrorist wanted in many cases of Punjab, fled to Canada in the year 2017. Lakhbir Singh alias Landa, 33, is a gangster, originally from Harike in Tarn Taran district. Presently Lakhbir Singh lives in Saskatoon, Canada. According to the Punjab Police, Landa is “a habitual offender” and “various criminal cases of murder, attempt to murder, extortion, drug trafficking, kidnapping and illegal weapons have been registered against him in various police stations in Punjab.

Harvinder Rinda’s companion is Landa

According to the police dossier, Landa is a close associate of gangster Harvinder Singh Rinda, who is doing terrorist activities sitting in Pakistan. Sitting in Pakistan, Rinda used to demand ransom, extortion at different places through his partner Lakhbir alias Landa. The infamous Landa had established his own crime network across the state. But when the police started looking for him, he had secretly fled to Canada in 2017.

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