Gopal Mandir: Radha-Krishna will wear jewelery worth more than 100 crores, install cameras for security

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Gopal temple decorated with tricolor theme. Statue of Radhakrishna in the inset.

  • Grand make-up will be done on Janmashtami on August 19

Preparations have started for celebrating Janmashtami festival at Gopal Mandir in Phulbagh. Here Radha-Krishna will be adorned with priceless ornaments, whose value is being said to be Rs 100 crore. These ornaments are given by the Scindia dynasty. These include diamond and emerald studded jewellery.

The Municipal Corporation has installed 6 CCTV cameras for security. The temple’s bearings, electric drums and sound system are also being replaced. The Municipal Corporation has constituted a committee to bring the valuable jewelery from the bank.

The committee includes Mayor Dr. Shobha Sikarwar, Chairman Manoj Tomar, Leader of Opposition Haripal, Commissioner Kishore Kanyal, Additional Commissioner Atendra Singh Gurjar, Additional Commissioner Revenue Rajni Shukla, Horticulture Inspector Mukesh Bansal, Revenue Inspector Deepak Soni, Clerk Deepak Mahour and Satish Sharma. has been done. Under the supervision of this committee, jewelery will be delivered to the temple on August 19 under police protection.

The list of jewelery will be made first in the bank. After that they will be weighed. Then the jewelery will be worn to Radha-Krishna under police protection at the temple. Due to being antique, their market value is estimated to be more than one hundred crores.

these ornaments will be worn

  • Break Lord Krishna and crown of gold, the historical crown of Radha, with emerald in the center with topaz and ruby ​​studded. This crown weighs about three kilos.
  • Panchagarhi Necklace with white pearls of Radhakrishna, Seven Thread Necklace with 62 Original Pearls and 55 Emeralds.
  • Radha’s crown is adorned with 16 grams of emerald gems. Shreeji and Radha have earrings, gold rings, bracelets, bangles, bracelets etc.
  • There are also ancient utensils of gold and silver for the food of the Lord. Along with this, there are also God’s time, perfume donation, pitchfork, pan, sieve, shank, umbrella, crown, glass, bowl, Kumbhakarini, Niranjani etc.

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