Get your favorite food ordered from another city! Zomato launches intercity food delivery facility

Zomato Food Delivery App: Zomato is a very famous online food delivery app that we all use in our common life. You must have ordered food from Zomato many times, but do you know that with Zomato you can get food from other cities. You can also order food. It is worth noting that Zomato has launched a pilot project of Intercity Food Delivery named Legends. Through this project, the company can order food from restaurants in some areas of Delhi-NCR and many cities like Hyderabad, Lucknow. The company will work to pack the food properly and transport it to other cities by air. Along with this, this mobile fridge will be used so that the food does not get spoiled.

Later the company will expand the project
The company has currently launched it as a pilot project. It has been started in areas like Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Lucknow and later it will be expanded across the country. It has been told in Zomato that for this more than 100 airports and many big food points will be brought under this project.

This project has been named ‘Intercity Legend’. Earlier, Zomato started the delivery service in 10 minutes. In this, the company is claiming to deliver food in just 10 minutes. This service has been started at present in places like Gurugram.

Now there will be delivery of groceries too
Let us tell you that Zomato is doing the work of online food delivery as well as groceries delivery. After the acquisition of Zomato’s grocery app Blkint, Zomato has been linked to the back end. For this, along with eating loads of Delhi NCR, now you can also get grocery items at your home in a few minutes. At present, the work of delivery of grocery items has also been started as a pilot project. Later it will be started in other cities also.

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