Gangster Jaggu’s two accomplices arrested in Amritsar: 11 km after breaking the block. Ran till, fired bullets at the chasing police

Amritsar3 hours ago

Police searching at the spot during the night.

In Amritsar, Punjab, the police has succeeded in arresting two associates of gangster Jaggu Bhagwanpuria. Both the accused first broke the police block, when the police started the chase, they also opened fire on them. Police also recovered illegal arms and heroin worth Rs 14 crore from the accused.

Firing on the police car by the accused.

According to the information received, a naka was put up in Jandiala Guru by the Rural Police in the evening. During this, the accused reached the block in Balero car, but they did not stop. The accused tried to escape by breaking the block. But the police started chasing the accused. Seeing the police coming back, the accused started firing on the police. There was also retaliatory firing from the police side. The accused were caught 11 km ahead.
The accused Gurbhej Baba was caught.

The accused Gurbhej Baba was caught.

The accused are residents of Tarn Taran

Amritsar Rural Police team took the accused 11 kms. He was arrested and surrounded near Wadala Jihal Drain. The arrested accused have been identified as Gurbhej alias Baba and Shamsher alias Karan, residents of Tarn Taran.

The accused Shamsher was arrested.

The accused Shamsher was arrested.

Baba is named in three murder cases

The police took 2 kg from the accused. Heroin confiscated. Apart from this, a .30 bore illegal pistol has also been recovered. Both the accused are said to be close to gangster Jaggu. Not only this, the arrested accused Gurbhej alias Baba is named in three murder cases. Police have started investigation by taking both of them into custody.

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