Food tube made with telescope of two-day-old newborn: For the first time in MP, such complex surgery was done in AIIMS Bhopal

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At the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Bhopal, Bhopal, a two-day-old newborn’s telescope was made from the esophagus. For the first time in the state, the feeding tube of such a small child has been made. Till now in such cases children had to be taken to metros like Delhi or Mumbai, but now such surgery will be done in AIIMS, Bhopal also. AIIMS doctors told that the baby born in a family of Vidisha was unable to drink mother’s milk after birth. In the investigation at Vidisha Medical College, it was found that the alimentary canal of the child is connected to the windpipe. The child was referred to AIIMS Bhopal for treatment. Admitted here in the Department of Pediatric Surgery. After the examination here, it was decided to operate the child with telescopic method (thoracoscopy).

surgery is done twice

The pediatric surgeon said that in this disease, the first surgery is done at the time of birth of the child and the second surgery is done after a year. In the first surgery, the upper part of the tube is made outside the neck, so that whatever he eats comes out of the neck and the food pipe is inserted after the operation in the stomach. Food is given to the child through this tube for 1 year. A year later, a second operation is performed, in which the stomach (stomach) is brought from behind the heart through the chest and connected to the hole in the neck.

it was the risk factor

AIIMS Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Pramod Sharma said that open heart surgery is usually done in such cases, but the risk is very high. So it was decided to have the child undergo thoracoscopy. He told that this disease is called tracheo-esophageal fistula. Also esophageal atresia i.e. alimentary canal was detected to be connected to the windpipe. There is very little space in the chest of the child, so it is very difficult to work with the help of binoculars. With the help of a 3 mm telescope, the alimentary canal was separated from the windpipe and the two ends were attached. Usually 10 mm thick binoculars are used in this operation. He was discharged about a week after the surgery. Dr. Sharma told that the child is healthy after 3 weeks of surgery. Dr. Roshan Chanchlani, Dr. Suresh K. in surgery. T. and team from Department of Anesthesia which included Professor Vaishali, Dr. Pooja and Dr. Harish.

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