Firing attempt on school bus in Amritsar: Trager pressed 3 times, no bullet fired; Scared children made noise, thrashed the young man fiercely

AmritsarOne hour ago

The accused was tied to a tree.

A drunken youth tried to open fire on a school bus in Amritsar, Punjab. Fortunately, the fire from the country-made pistol was missed and a major accident was avoided. The driver and conductor of the bus caught the young man with courage and tied the tree and informed the police. Police have taken the youth into custody and investigation is on about him.

The case is of Jandiala Guru’s village Jania. The bus from St. Soldier’s Elite Convent School in Jandiala Guru was on its way to drop off the children on Tarn Taran Road. The accused reached on his motorcycle and started asking for a side from the bus. But it was not possible due to the narrow road. After going a few kilometers ahead, when the bus gave way, the accused took out a revolver and tried to fire at the bus. Three times the accused tried to shoot. But the fire was missed.

The school bus, which was fired upon.

Bus driver and conductor caught the accused

After the incident, the school children started making noise. But no one came forward seeing the pistol in the hand of the accused. After this the bus driver and conductor tried and caught him from front and back.

Tree Dam Chittar Parade

The driver and conductor of the bus caught the accused and tied him to the tree with the help of handkerchief. After this the villagers thrashed the young man fiercely. At present, the police has started interrogation by taking the accused into custody. But he is not giving any further information about himself yet.

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