Fire in three wagons of coal-laden goods train in Ghaziabad: Goods train stopped at Sahibabad station, fire fighters extinguished the fire

GhaziabadOne hour ago

After the coal laden goods train caught fire, fire fighters reached Sahibabad station and doused the fire.

A sudden fire broke out in three coaches (box in wagon) of a coal-laden goods train going from Ghaziabad to Delhi. Firefighters extinguished the fire by stopping the train at Sahibabad station. Due to timely control of the fire, no major damage could be done.

Chief Fire Officer (CFO) Sunil Kumar said, “The goods train was going from Ghaziabad to Delhi. It was loaded with coal. When some people saw the flames, the loco pilot was informed. The goods train was hurriedly stopped at Sahibabad railway station in Ghaziabad. The fire department received a call about the fire at around 7 am. Immediately two fire tenders were dispatched. Firefighters have completely extinguished the fire. There is no major loss of any kind.”

The CFO further said, “Coal is a highly flammable material. It catches fire easily. The coal collides with each other when the train is moving. Due to the same friction, a spark starts a fire. That’s why such fires keep happening in coal laden goods trains.

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