Fierce in Punjab Congress: Youth President Dhillon jumped in the battle of State President and MLA; Said – leave the MLA’s chair, Jakhar

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Despite the humiliating defeat in the assembly elections, the ruckus in the Punjab Congress did not stop. A war of words was going on between Congress state president Amarinder Raja Vading and MLA Sandeep Jakhar. Now Youth Congress President Barinder Dhillon has also jumped in this. Dhillon said that Sandeep Jakhar wants to continue as MLA, so he is not leaving Congress. Earlier, Raja Vading had accused Jakhar of anti-party activities. In response to which MLA Jakhar had challenged that he should be expelled from the Congress party.

Sandeep Jakhar is the nephew of veteran leader Sunil Jakhar, who left the Congress and joined the BJP. That is why Congress is attacking them more.

Question asked to MLA Jakhar
Dhillon said that MLA Jakhar is challenging the party chief. Tell him that he has come to any party program in the last 5 months? Does he consider Rahul Gandhi as his leader? Does he consider Congress as his party? Does he criticize BJP?
Youth Congress President Barinder Dhillon.

Youth Congress President Barinder Dhillon.

Leave the chair and contest for re-election
Jakhar’s relationship with the BJP has deepened. He challenges to save his MLA’s chair. If he is expelled from the party, his legislature will remain. If you want to remain MLA then contest again or obey the leadership of the party. Dhillon said that if there is a challenge, then Jakhar himself should resign and show it by contesting the election again.

Sunil Jakhar’s nephew Sandeep Jakhar
Sandeep Jakhar is the nephew of veteran leader Sunil Jakhar. In the last Vis election, he contested from Abohar in place of Sunil Jakhar. Congress was reduced to 18 seats but Jakhar managed to win. After this Sunil Jakhar left the Congress and has now joined the BJP. After which Sandeep Jakhar has started knocking in the eyes of Congress.

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