Fear of flood in Chambal river: 1 lakh 84 thousand cusec water released from Kota barrage, alert issued in the village on the banks of Chambal

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  • 1 Lakh 84 Thousand Cusec Water Released From Kota Barrage, Alert Issued In The Village On The Banks Of Chambal

Bhind27 minutes ago

Rising water level of Chambal river.

It is raining continuously in many districts of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan province. Due to rain, the water level in Kota barrage is continuously increasing. Due to this, the gates of Kota Barrage have been opened. About 1 lakh 84 thousand cusecs of water has been released into the Chambal river. Due to this, the water level of Chambal river is continuously increasing. The Bhind police have issued a high alert in the villages along the banks of the Chambal river.

Ater police station of Bhind has started munadi in the village situated in the ravines of Chambal. An alert is being issued by the police to the people after reaching the village. In the village situated at the foothills of the Chambal river, people are being advised to be alert and a safe place before the water rises in the river. Due to this, arrangements have been started to protect the life and property of the people of the area. Here, the Disaster Management Committee has also been alerted by the district administration. Patrolling has been increased in the villages on the banks of Chambal river.

Ater police station posted notices.

Chambal river three meters below the danger mark

The effect of the rain that has been raining for some time has started showing on the rivers. There has been a significant increase in the water level of other tributaries including Chambal, Kwari and Sindh.

  • The water level of Chambal river has reached 115.38 meters, which is 3 meters below the danger mark.
  • The water level of Quanri river has been measured at 1.70 meters, which is 4 meters below the danger mark.
  • The water level of Sindh river at Mehda Ghat is 2.70 meters which is 7 meters below the danger mark.

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