Father tries to sell daughter in Jalaun: Victim meets SP, pleads for security, police engaged in investigation

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The victim reached the Superintendent of Police’s office in Jalaun with a complaint.

A sensational case has come to light in Jalaun. Here a daughter has accused her father of selling herself. The girl reached Jalaun’s Superintendent of Police office and complained about the matter. Police has started investigating the matter.

The case is of a locality of Orai Kotwali. Here Mahoba’s girl lives after marrying her lover. She reached the SP office of Jalaun on Wednesday. Told that his father has a debt. To repay it, the father wants to sell it. Told that the lender had come to the house asking for Rs. From that, the father tried to make a marriage deal to forgive the debt.

Father has filed a case of jewelry theft

The girl reached the Superintendent of Police’s office, demanding protection from the officers, pleading that she should be protected from her father, otherwise he could kill her. The girl herself told that the father has filed a kidnapping case against her lover in Mahoba district. Along with this, a case has been written against him for theft of gold and silver jewellery.

police engaged in investigation

In the matter, Jalaun’s Additional Superintendent of Police Asim Chaudhary told that the girl who has given the application is a resident of Mahoba. She has married her lover of her own free will. Statements will be recorded after meeting the investigator in Mahoba. If married of her own free will and nothing is found wrong, there will be statements before the magistrate, after which she will be protected.

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