Fashion tips to nail streetwear wedding style this season

Gone are the days when fashion and couture in a country with rich heritage and workmanship, only saw our crafts come alive in Indian or elaborate couture garments. Although earlier, we had nothing that showed this heritage in everyday wear, fashion and style experts now are creating everyday alternatives to couture wear that highlight the unique craftsmanship of our culture with nouveau cuts that focus on Indo-western silhouettes.

With streetwear coming into the mainstream and weddings being a huge part of our culture, it is all but natural to experiment with these pieces and pair it with what you would traditionally see at weddings. The fact that you must dress for a wedding does not need you to conceal your love of streetwear as millennials now are embracing precise tailoring with a streetwear-inflected twist and fashion stylists are keeping with the fact that even the most formal dress standards these days are relaxed and flexible enough for one to remix the smartest of ensembles with a little flair.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Arnav Malhotra, Creative Director and Founder of No Grey Area, suggested, “Throw on a long shirt with dhoti pants, a lightweight sherwani trench on top of a festive shirt, robe jackets as an alternative to suit jackets. The possibilities are endless. Indian bridal couture is all about tight fitted clothes. However, looking at global trends and with western couture and bridal embracing streetwear volumes and functionality focusing on comfort, utility and reusability of garments, Indian bridal will follow as well. I believe our generation is not afraid to make unique choices that represent who they are hence, I am convinced streetwear will find a way to fuse into traditional Indian weddings.”

Adding to the list of tips to nail streetwear wedding style this season, Jayesh Shah, Founder of Jayesh Shah Label, advised:

• Change your dreary black or grey blazers for some bright hues like yellow, pink or light blue. Perhaps adding some embroidered patches to the blazer will increase its glam factor. Choose a more vibrant colour and wear it with loose-fitting jeans, or wear a summer jacket or blazer with a plain white t-shirt. The one thing you must remember while selecting your blazer is to choose the colours in accordance with the season and the weather.

• Bring on the prints! Co-ords are fashionable, and now is the ideal moment to get all-printed suits that will look dashing for your friend’s sangeet party.

• For a stylish yet joyful look during the after-after party, keep it cool with satin bomber jackets. While a wedding gown is a one-time purchase, your personalized wedding bomber jacket will become a treasured memento that you’ll frequently pull out of your closet.

• Without a doubt, replace your oxfords with some sneakers. Although it may seem strange, some suits are designed to be worn with shoes to up the glamour factor. You are not need to follow the usual fashion rules when experimenting with the sneaker-suit mix. To create the best-looking street style, choose a sharp suit and team it with your favourite sneakers.

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