Farmers of Punjab leave for Delhi by train-buses: will stage a sit-in at Jantar Mantar; Will protest against the Electricity Act 2012 amendment bill

Jalandhar2 hours ago

The farmers of Punjab had returned from UP yesterday and have left for Delhi today. They will gather at Jantar Mantar and open a front against the central government. The front will be opened against the Electricity Act Amendment Bill. Farmers will not take tractor trolleys to Jantar Mantar, but are going on the call of United Kisan Morcha by trains, buses and their personal vehicles.

farmer deposited at railway station

Farmer leaders said that when the agitation was ended from Delhi, there was an agreement with the central government on certain conditions. At that time the government had accepted all the conditions for ending the dharna, but now it is withdrawing from them. The Central Government had an agreement with the farmers that the bill which is being brought by amending the Electricity Act 2012 will not be brought.

The central government had also said that it would not bring this amendment act bill in the house, but the central government is bringing the amended bill of electricity act 2012 in the house. He said that there is a huge difference between the words and deeds of the Central Government. Saying herself, now she is going back from her words. This will be protested by holding a dharna at Jantar Mantar today.

President of Bharatiya Kisan Union Sidhpur Kulwinder Singh Mashiana said that the central government, which has raised the slogan of doubling the income of the farmers, is bent on drowning the farmers and farming. Conspiracies are being hatched with the corporate houses. He said that the NPK 0.52.34 which was Rs 150 last year has now reached Rs 200.

NPK 13.0.45 increased from Rs 130 to Rs 145, NPK 19.19.19 increased from Rs 110 to Rs 160. A bunch of potash was worth Rs 950, now the price has gone up to Rs 1700. The paddy which was purchased for Rs 1960 quintal last year, this time the rate is Rs 2040, that is, the price of one kg of the farmer’s crop has increased by only one rupee, while its price in the corporate is increasing by Rs 100 directly.

Kulwinder Singh said that the government is trying to drown the farmers under the conspiracy. Therefore, by amending the electricity bill, it is going to put more burden on the farmers already burdened with debt. The electricity department is going to be handed over to private hands on the lines of BSNL. Under a well thought out trick, as the corporate houses were taken forward, the same is going to happen in the electricity department.

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