EXCLUSIVE | Natasha Suri on freezing her eggs: Women who aren’t mentally or emotionally prepared must explore this option


Actor Natasha Suri is not averse to the idea of embracing motherhood at some point in her life, but she is sure that it would be “at the right time” when she finds “the right partner to create a family with”. As of now, busy with work commitments, Suri has decided to freeze her eggs and opt for an alternative route to ensure futuristic childbirth and conception.

Opening up about what made her take this step, she exclusively tells us, “When I first came across the idea, it resonated with me. It strengthens the possibility of deciding to conceive even a little later in life (when you are ready) or preserving your healthier eggs for use at a later stage. It comforts and relieves you as a working woman and takes off a huge load of pressure from your chest if you are not ready yet to be a mother or to start a family.”

The actor further suggests that women who are busy in their professional lives and can’t make up their mind to play a family soon must consider such viable options. “Women who are not mentally or emotionally prepared yet or are pursuing careers that needs a lot of their focus currently must explore this procedure as an option to feel secured enough to be able to decide to have children at any stage of their lives,” she says, adding that when she first spoke to her sisters and friends about her decision, “everyone was very encouraging and supportive.”

Suri, 33, advises women who are in their 30s to not give in to the societal or pressure of becoming a mother and rather take a calculated decision. “I’d recommend to every woman to consider this medical procedure as a possibility, in order to make sure that she could make the big decision of biological motherhood anytime in her life without feeling any pressure of time,” she notes.

Asked if she’d consider adopting a child instead, the actor says, “Adoption is also a beautiful way and I am open to that, too, but it’s best for women to keep all alternatives open by being perceptive and far-sighted and strive to intelligently plan for the future.”

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