Effect of holidays: 3 times the number of seats in the emergency quota in the train


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After Raksha Bandhan and August 15, there was a long waiting in trains of all other routes including Delhi, Mumbai on Tuesday. The situation was that even for the emergency quota seats, the railway officials were in a dilemma. The reason was that there were VIP letters up to three times the capacity of the seats in the train. These include letters from public representatives to members of the Railway Advisory Committee and others.

Actually, most of the days last week were holidays. There is more traffic in trains after the holidays. In trains of more than 10 routes including Avantika Express, Nizamuddin, Pune Express, waiting was beyond 100, but there was maximum pressure for emergency quota seats.

According to a railway official, applications for emergency quota seats were up to three times. If there is a quota of 15 seats in a train, then the applications for these seats should be more than 45. The situation was that in Nizamuddin, Avantika, Pune Express till 60-75 VIP letters were carried.

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