Early greying bothering you? Add this natural ingredient, rich in antioxidants, to your hair care routine

Healthy hair is the hallmark of good internal health and youth and while human societies have given hair the symbolic importance that it possesses, on a deeper level, our hair also conveys information about our social standing, sexuality and even our level of personal responsibility. On a more personal level, it acts as a basis with which individuals view themselves and losing hair or its premature greying can have severe effects on a person’s self esteem.

Greying of hair usually occurs when the hair follicle fails to produce enough melanin but there are more factors associated with it. Dietary requirements not being met, genetics, and excessive pollution too have a part to play, thus creating a cause for concern for the youth.

The age-old famous ‘champis’ have been carried forward through traditions and through generations where most people would associate hair care with getting their hair oiled and massaged with coconut hair oil by their grandmothers and mothers and Ayurveda too backs this practice for generations together.

Another element that Ayurveda and your Maa have always sworn by is the natural ingredient of Curry Leaves. Known as ‘Kaddi Patta’ in Hindi, we have all grown up eating this or removing it from our dishes thinking it’s only purpose was to add flavour but this little wonder comes with numerous benefits right from curing diarrhoea and diabetes control to assisting strengthening of hair roots.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Aparna Santhanam, (MD, DNB) Consultant Dermatologist at Marico India Limited, revealed, “These leaves can even replenish the missing melanin in hair follicles thus preventing them from turning grey or even restoring it back to its natural colour. Curry leaves and their benefits have been universally recognised however, not many of us are aware of the full extent.”

She explained, “They contain a rich amount of antioxidants which help nourish and moisturize the scalp and brush off the dead hair follicles. The amino acids and vitamins such as vitamin B and C present in the curry leaves help in the strengthening and growth of hair as well. Curry leaves have been shown to include darkening agents which can restore the hair’s natural hue and can naturally darken already-grey hair. Additionally, they include minerals like selenium, zinc, iodine and iron that delay the onset of grey hair.”

She suggested, “To attain the perfect hair, curry leaves can be eaten or added to meals or even used as a curry leaf-infused hair oils. They can be added to a pure coconut based hair oil that has been heated. Allow them to simmer for a while on low heat. You can also blend a carrier oil with curry leaf essential oil before applying the combination evenly to your hair and massaging for at least 10 minutes, starting with your scalp right till the tips of your hair. You may rinse it off after leaving it on for about 45 minutes or can also keep it overnight.”

So, adopt curry leaves infused coconut based oils in your hair care routine as regularly as possible and you’ll not let a bad hair day weigh you down anymore. This holy grail of an ingredient will ensure that you combat all of your hair woes, leaving behind nothing but silky, black, luscious and strong hair but remember, as is with everything, do not expect results overnight because consistency is the key to best outcomes.

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