Due to heavy rains in Raisen, water filled the houses: spent the night sitting on the chair and sofa, troubled by mosquitoes and sedation

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The children were put to sleep on the bed and I myself sat on the chair all night, the whole house was full of water, all the things had melted and the sleep was not visible far away from the mosquito sedation, the rain was going on even outside the house and outside the house. The water inside also decreased at 4: o’clock in the morning, but the mud and mud that came along with the water in the whole house has made the whole house dirty, the same goods worth lakhs of rupees got spoiled, this story is of those who filled the houses in the middle of the night. Ramesh Rathore of Raisen city is spent by Hakimuddin Mansoori

Rain has continued in Raisen district for two days, while the district received 128.4 mm of rain in the last 24 hours till 8.30 am on Tuesday. There was 236.2 mm of rain in the month itself, but this time in the month of August, 168 mm of rain has been recorded in 24 hours from yesterday to today. Raisen Collector Arvind Dubey has declared a holiday on Tuesday in all government and non-government schools in view of excessive rain. In view of the same waterlogging situation, the entire staff including Municipality President, Husband Jamuna Sen, CMO Sudhir Kumar and Municipal Engineer Abhishek Malviya reached different areas of the city and made arrangements for water drainage.

Water filled in these areas of Raisen city

Due to continuous rain for 24 hours, the district hospital in front of the main market Municipality building of Raisen city was flooded since night, the same including Ward 9 Mohalla of Raisen city, Ward 10 Ramlila Ward 14 Arjun Nagar Ward 11 Patel Nagar Sheetal City Ramnagar Bhopal Road The Reliance Petrol Pump located also remained submerged in water, while the road is also filled with water, at other places most of the houses were filled with water, due to which people kept awake the whole night and the goods got spoiled due to melting in water, due to which people also suffered. .

The closed village of Raisen district lost contact with the Tehsil

Due to heavy rains, the road connectivity of Bhopal Sagar Road has been broken due to the river drain coming in spate. Parashari Ripata of Sagar Bhopal, Ghogharin Ripata of Begumganj Sultanganj Road, near Begumganj College; Totally impressed.

These rivers of Raisen district are in spate and open gates of their dams

For the last 24 hours, eight gates of Barna Dam located at Bari in Raisen district have been open, due to which the water level of the small river pond has increased while the fields were also flooded. Due to the Bina river of Begumganj being in spate, the river made its way through the fields, due to which only water was visible around the river. Due to the availability of water in the fields, the crops of many acres of farmers have gone to the river flow. The water of the same Bina river being 20 feet above the bridge of Mala Berkhedi Wala Road and the bridge of Vinayakpur Barri Kala, this road is also completely closed. There is also information about the collapse of many kutcha houses due to excessive rain. Due to heavy rains in Garatganj, people’s homes were flooded, while the streets of the city were submerged.

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