Door-to-door garbage collection charges increased: MSW Amritsar orders; Now people will have to pay double the money, new rates will be applicable from this month

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For door-to-door garbage collection in Amritsar city of Punjab, people will now have to pay double the amount. The new rate fixed by the Municipal Corporation and Amritsar MSW Company has been implemented from this month, that is, the employees of the company who reach their homes for collection this month will charge you double the amount.

According to the information received, MSW Amritsar Company, which is collecting and managing the garbage in Amritsar, is not even able to pay full salary to its employees. Angry employees had gone on strike in the past due to non-payment of salary for three months. After the three-day strike, only one month’s salary was given and still two months’ salary of the employees is pending.

MSW Amritsar Company had asked the Municipal Corporation to increase the user charge for door-to-door collection, which has been accepted by the Municipal Corporation and has also allowed collection of money as per the new rate from this month.
This month the collection will be at this rate.

This month the collection will be at this rate.

Rs 50 for 200 square meat and Rs 100 for 500 square meat

According to the new rate, from 50 to 200 square meters, the company will now charge Rs 50 instead of Rs 30. From 201 to 500 square meters, instead of Rs 50, Rs 100 will be charged, instead of Rs 100 for a house above 500 square meters, Rs 200 will be charged. Where Rs 200 was charged from street vendors, now Rs 500 will be charged. Along with this, the company and the municipal corporation have also increased the user charges for commercial areas.

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