District level road safety committee meeting: Traffic in-charge said last month’s statistics of road accidents are frightening, cracks in the road are also important reasons

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  • The Traffic In charge Said The Figures Of The Last Month Of Road Accidents Are Frightening, The Cracks In The Road Are Also An Important Reason

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A meeting of the District Level Road Safety Committee was organized with the objective of reducing the road accidents and death rates in the past. There are many such blacks in the district, where sign boards are still not installed. In the last 3 days, 3 people have died in road accidents. Today another accident happened near Chachai Basti. After which many important decisions were taken in the meeting. Traffic in-charge Virendra Kumre said in the meeting that the number of road accidents is frightening.

Cracks in the road are also a reason for the accident
MPRDC official said that work has been done regarding road safety. The remaining other works will be completed in the coming months. The MPRDC was instructed to fill the cracks in the roads by monitoring the roads made and at many places the roads have sunk in the middle of the road, which should be made in the road label. These roads were not constructed for many days, even after that, cracks came on the roads.

Road accident figures intimidating – traffic in-charge
Traffic in-charge Virendra Kumre said that people would be motivated to follow traffic rules by creating public awareness to prevent road accidents. He said that the road accident figures are frightening. It is very important for all the drivers to know and follow the traffic rules. He said that the traffic and transport department would appeal to the common citizens to follow the traffic rules through banners, hoardings, awareness chariots etc.

27 black spots in the district
Additional Superintendent of Police Abhishek Rajan said that 27 black spots have been identified in the district to prevent road accidents. In which the works of various road construction agencies should be continuously monitored, so that there is no loss of life in road accidents.

District Panchayat Chief Executive Officer Sojan Singh Rawat said that people affected by road accidents should be immediately rescued and admitted to the hospital so that they can get timely treatment. He talked about monitoring the speeding vehicles and taking action if found guilty.

Collector in-charge Sarodhan Singh said that road construction department and road safety department should make efforts to ensure that there is no loss of life due to road accidents.

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