Disclosure of child sexual abuse case in Sehwag School: Hostel’s CCTV cameras were closed, there is also a possibility of conspiracy to shut down the cameras, interrogation of students

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A big disclosure has come to light in the case of sexual abuse of an 8-year-old child at Sehwag International School located in Jhajjar district of Haryana. Police investigation revealed that the CCTV cameras installed in the school and its hostel were switched off on the day of the incident.

According to Jhajjar DSP Rahul Dev, in connection with the investigation of the case, when the police sought the CCTV footage of the day of the incident from the school management, it was told that the closed circuit (CC) cameras installed in the school-hostel were switched off. The founder of this school is former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag and the chairperson is his wife Aarti.

DSP Dev said that the school management and staff are being questioned about why the CCTV cameras were switched off. Along with this, the police have also questioned some members of the school staff and some boys of the big classes living in the hostels regarding the incident.

For the time being, it is kept confidential whether the child recognizes the sexual abuser or not? And the number of those who sexually abused her is the same or more.

Police waiting for copy of statement
According to sources, the statement of the child who was a victim of sexual abuse has been recorded in the court. Police have not yet received a copy of his statement. DSP Rahul Dev said that this is a very serious matter and after getting the copy of the statement of the child, the police investigation will be accelerated. Several teams of police are carrying forward the investigation from different angles in the school.


not a well thought out conspiracy
In this school of Sehwag, CCTVs are installed everywhere from the main entry gate to the hostel, school and gallery. The Jhajjar police had hoped that the footage of CCTV cameras would provide important evidence in the investigation, but now this hope of the police has been shattered.

Now the police is finding out that the CCTV cameras installed in the school are switched off before August 15? Or were they closed on the same day under well thought-out planning? Questions and answers are being done to the school staff regarding this?

Where were the staff members at the time of the incident
Jhajjar Police is also finding out that if the CCTV cameras installed in the school and hostel were switched off, then where was the staff present here that day? DSP Rahul Dev said that every aspect related to this case is being investigated and every suspect is being closely interrogated. If needed, a case can also be registered against the school staff.

The case of August 15, the father complained
This incident of sexual abuse of a child at Sehwag International School took place on the night of 15 August. This was revealed when the child informed his father about this on the phone. After that the father of the child gave a complaint related to this to Jhajjar SP Wasim Akram.

The question is also that how did the CCTV cameras in such a big school get turned off? Were these cameras already off? If yes, why did the school management not take cognizance of it? Was the child sexual abuser aware of the cameras being turned off? And if the cameras were switched off on the night of August 15 as per well-thought-out planning, then who had access to the control room of the cameras?

The working style of the school administration is under question in this whole matter. Sehwag International School is a day-boarding school where children stay in hostels. The entire responsibility of these children residing in the school campus lies with the school and hostel management.

child counseling
DSP Rahul Dev told that the parents of a child of Sehwag International School had come to us. He told that there was a wrongdoing with his child in the school. Taking immediate action on this, we registered a case. The child’s medical was done.

Surgeon opinion report is yet to come from Rohtak PGI. He said that we have not got any name yet. The child is still scared. We will do his counseling. Whatever names come after this, immediate action will be taken.

The incident happened on August 15
This horrific incident took place on 15 August with the child in Sehwag International School, whose founder is cricketer Virender Sehwag and his wife Aarti Sehwag is the chairperson of the school. After the matter came to the notice, the police registered a case in this regard on August 19.

The victim child hails from Hathras in UP and had enrolled in the school in April this year for a better future. Since the incident, the child is scared and scared.

complaint ignored
It has been told that after knowing about the sexual abuse of the child, his family members had reached the school. Talked about the matter with the school management here. It is alleged that the management did not take his complaint seriously and called it false. Only after this the parents reached the SP.

The school management says that nothing like this happened, it is a case of dispute between two children by pricking the pencil. False allegations have been made to defame the school. However, the police investigation is still on. Claims are being made by the police to clear the case soon.

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